In Connecticut, Infrared = Abby’s

The newest concept in asphalt repair is Infrared. The repairs are almost undetectable and the are stronger and more durable than traditional methods of repair. When you are looking for the knowledgeable expert in Infrared just know that.

Abby Contracting is proud to offer Infrared Asphalt Repair. Infrared asphalt repair is a state of the art process that revolutionizes pothole repair and paving projects in all seasons. Our innovative equipment uses infrared heat to soften a paveable surface making it workable in ambient temperatures down to zero degrees.

The infrared process is versatile, enabling contractors to subtly control drainage, eliminate birdbaths, install speed bumps, eliminate oil spots, level trip hazards, place thermoplastic markings and install decorative pavements.The principle is to use an infrared heating unit to safely, fumelessly heat in-place asphalt, to soften it to a workable state, then add new asphalt which fuses seamlessly to the old.

A big advantage to an infrared pavement restoration vs. the conventional remove-and-replace of treatment of potholes is that infrared eliminates the cold seam.The cold seam, refers to the cold edges created when existing pavement is saw cut and removed. The walls of the cut create a cold seam between the existing pavement and the new asphalt. Such seams are deadly for asphalt pavement because they provide an entryway for water.

Water is a nemesis to the life of the repair especially during the freeze/thaw cycle. In the infrared process, the repaired area is fused to the heated, but untouched, existing pavement. This eliminates the seam.

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